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DIY GUIDE : 3D/2N Isla De Gigantes for less than 5,500 Php

Isla De Gigantes is one of the most beautiful group of islands I've ever seen in my life.  It's even better than Palawan ,since  you will see the same view but there are  no tourists. I didn't even want to blog about this place since I want to keep it a secret for myself. I love this place because there are less crowds and the vibe is so peaceful. There are no cars and the only mode of transportation here is a motorcycle or in tagalog a habal-habal. If you want be one with nature and see the beach then this will be the perfect Island for you. 

This island is also where you can buy fresh seafood that is so
affordable. You can buy fresh scallops for 1 peso each and Uni for 10
pesos each. I still have my regrets this day when we didn't get to buy more of it.
My friend was actually allergic to shellfish but when we he ate here he didn't have any allergy because the seafood was so fresh and was so good and cheap.

Isla De Gigantes is one of the next best tourists spots to go to this 2017. I hope you go here with you and your family/ friends and also enjoy the place as much as I did. So go book your next flight to Roxas and let the adventure start now.

Travel Tips
1. Stay at Maruja Flora's Island Paradise which is Located in Cabugao Island for at least one night. You will get to experience having your own Island, stargazing at night and wake up in the morning swimming near a white sand beach. The thing that I love about this island is that when you climb at the top of it they have LTE. 
2. Stay at least 3 days 2 Nights here. Travel is exhausting a day trip will not be enough to explore the entire island.
3. Ride the Jet Ski at Antonina Island for only 1,100 Php for 15 Minutes
4. Buy fresh Scallops for 1 peso each at Antonina Island
5. Buy Fresh Uni (Sea Urchin) at the Sand Bar
6. Wear Lots of Sunblock
7. Bring a lazy Bed
8. Try to do stargazing by the beach with your lazy bed or beach mat, while drinking cold beer, eating chips and listening to chill music.
9. Book a flight to Roxas Airport.
10.Bringatleast 5,000 Php for your trip
11. Buy Dried Fish for "Pasalubong" at Estancia Fish Market
12. Look for Promo fares to get Cheap flights to Roxas. I got mine for only 1,100
Roundtrip via CebuPacific.
13. You must visit this top 4 islands. Antonina Island, Cabugao Island, Tangke Lagoon and Sandbar
14. You can also try to check in at Rosewood place which is located in Gigantes Main Island
15. Get ready to be one with nature since electricity in island not available
24/7. They usually have electricty from 3pm
to 11pm.
16. You can also stay at a tent by the beach at Antonina Island.
17. Don't stay anymore in Roxas City, go straight to Estancia because the travel
is so tiring.If you want you to see Roxas you can also eat dinner at Baybay Beach Area.

Detailed Itinerary with Cost
Day 1

Manila to Roxas (Cebupac) Promofare
Tryc to Roxas Terminal
Ceres Bus to Estancia
Arrive Estancia Bus

Lunch At Estancia

Tryc to Estancia port
Boat to Gigantes Main
Environmental Fee
Arrive Rosewood Place 1200/4pax

Day 2
Land tour caving and sunset at the lighthouse
Island Hopping 2000 /4 pax

Jetski 1100 for 15 Minutes  at antonina

Antonina Island Entrance Fee

Tanke Lagoon


Cabugao Island

Check in at Maruja Flora Island 1200/4 pax



Drinking beer while Stargazing
Day 2


Leave cabugao Island

Passenger boat from Gigantes to Estancia 
Tryc from pier to Terminal
Bus To Roxas Airport

Tricycle To Baybay Beach

Dinner At BABAY Beach
Roxas To Manila


How To Get to Isla De Gigantes Via Roxas City
1. Book a flight from Manila to Roxas City (1.5 hrs)
2. Ride a Tryc from RoxasAiport to Roxas Terminal
(10 minutes)
3. Ride an ordinary Ceres Bus from Roxas to Estancia (2hours)
*You also have the option of taking a UV express Van but I didn't like it that much because there was less space in the van and my legs are long I can't stretch there.
4. Take a Tryc from Estancia Bus Terminal to Estancia Port (15 Mins)
5. Ride a Passenger Boat to Gigantes Main Island that leaves every 2pm (2.5 hours)
*You also have the option of taking a passenger boat from Carles Port that leaves every 9am (2 hours)
*I recommend you use the boat via Estancia Port since the boat is bigger and it is much safer than the one in Carles Port

More Details
Maruja Flora Island Paradise
Address: Cabugao Island
Rates: 1200 Aircon room for 4 pax
Contact Number: 

Rosewood Place
Address: Gigantes Main Island
Rates: 1200 Aircon for 4 Pax with free breakfast
Contact Number:

Antonina Island Watersports
Island Hopping 2,000Php
Jet Ski 1,100 for 15 Minutes
             3,500 per Hour
             2,200 for 30 Mins
Banana Boat 2,000 per ride
Contact No: 09985608697

Endielinas Resort
Address: Estancia City
Rates: 1200 Aircon Room for 4 pax with free breakfast
Contact No: 09469458203

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